Accidental Icon: The ‘Enfant Terrible’ and Miss Vintage

During the recent Paris Fashion Week the designer referred to as the “enfant terrible” of French fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier, presented his last RTW runway show. The show, a spectacle as always, was conceived of as a beauty pageant. The pageant, Miss JP Gaultier 2015, featured his favorite women and iconic looks. The show was joyous, exuberant, irreverent and loving. Triumphantly ending the show, Miss. Vintage paid homage to women of a ‘certain age’. The Miss Vintage women were sexy, witty and cool and there was more than a whiff of transgression in the air.  What I love about JP the most, aside from his irrepressible grin, is his constant reminder that clothing can be a kind of cultural revolt, a theme I am constantly exploring. So in honor of the occasion I put on my From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk T-shirt and went for a stroll downtown.

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