Last month in somewhat of a surprise at Dover Street Market in London, Patti Smith and PJ Harvey joined Ann Demeulemeester in celebrating the release of the beautifully bound visual history book of the designer’s work. Three brilliant women who happen to be friends, they have all occupied cultural space with impunity. During a particular period of my life I identified with all of them. I could not believe that they were all in the same room together.

At the event, Patti Smith who wrote the forward to the book and who has been an important influence for the designer performed an impromptu set and read some excerpts. Although frequently mentioned in the same sentence when speaking of icons of punk, this was the first time that PJ Harvey and Patti Smith had ever performed together. The unifying thread(s) among the three was that they were all dressed in Demeulemeester’s iconic monochrome designs, an aesthetic my readers now know is the foundation of my wardrobe: white shirts, black boots, a perfect jacket and the juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity. So I am inspired by this event to write a series of posts honoring each of these three iconic girls.

See my Pinterest Board “Three Iconic Girls” for photos and clothes

This week’s post will highlight the woman who brought them together: Ann Demeulemeester. Ann Demeulemeester likes to say she designs for the “urban poetess”.  I love her clothes because they meet all the criteria for my look; edgy but refined, tough and sweet, hard and soft, and “accidentally” sensual and romantic. Demueulemeester always creates an authentic woman infused with personal strength

Click here for details on the skirt and some Ann Demeulemeester wisdom.

What do you wear when you feel like an urban poetess?