Accidental Icon: Grey Matter (s)

Today grey is on my mind (figuratively and literally as the brain is sometimes referred to as grey matter). The weather is rainy and grey. Many of the recent blog posts I have been reading are showcasing grey looks for Fall and saying grey matters.  In fact, last week I learned that grey is Garance Dore’s favorite color. The one time I venture away from my usual black and white palette is when I wander into the “grey zone”.  Grey zone is an interesting site for fashion because as defined it is an intermediate area, something that is clearly not one thing or another. In the grey zone looks can be hard or soft, masculine or feminine, heavy or light. Different shades of grey with names like charcoal, slate, granite and dove evoke different moods. Usually when I venture into the grey zone, it means I want to look more feminine and soft, a little more girly, and although wearing grey, I feel like I am wearing pink.  

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What happens to your brain when you are wearing grey? Would love to hear from you.


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