Where is She Going?: Coda Three Iconic Girls Part 1

My clothes are like a present for an anonymous person, a present looking for a place and person to bring it to life
— Ann Demeuleeester

I love Ann Demeulemeester and in these posts, I am her anonymous person and the place is this city and the time is one of reinvention. I admire her not just as a designer but also as an authentic person always true to herself. She is one of the few designers who consistently and steadfastly adhere to both her ethics and to her aesthetic. She has lived her life in ways that show women that if they work hard and respect and use the talents they have been given that they can be fulfilled and happy. She has remained independent and staunch in her values through all the decisions she has had to make as businessperson. She is loyal and true to those she loves. She reached out to a lonely woman and made a difference in her life, her friend Patti Smith.

Clothes are her way of communicating with women and I love to listen to what she is saying. When facing a challenge I remember that to her problems are to be relished and from the solving of them come the most exquisite solutions. Designing based on her beliefs (and not trends) is her way of experimenting and standing up for her ideas. This gives me courage to pursue this blog: my public experiment.

Like herself, Ann Demuelemeester’s women don’t have to make choices between family, work and home. She tests her clothes on herself and two of her friends, each a different body type. Her women do not have to have the perfectly same perfect body. Wrinkles and getting old are fine, in fact when she turned fifty she said she was happy to get old and not have the problem that others had: thinking it is awful to get old. She is never far from the woman for whom she designs. When I wear my parachute skirt I feel her close to me and then feel sure I can jump. Due to her non-imposing ethic, her collections “try to give proposals” and never dictate.

She gives me her vision and then it is completely up to me what I make of the clothes. That is her greatest gift to us. In these photos of me wearing her skirt I feel fragile and strong, soft and hard, modern but very romantic, rebellious while conforming and though it is her clothes, it is my attitude that comes from the wearing of them. That’s exactly what she wants.

How do you bring Ann Demeulemeester's "present" to life?



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