Accidental Icon: Angels We Have Heard on High

For the last couple of weeks, “Angels” have been the star of the media. In what is referred to as the “Superbowl” of runway shows, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show starring supermodel “Angels” was held in London the first week of December and televised everywhere last week. There were countless blog posts about being invited to the show, being in London for the show, the models, feminist critiques and debates about whether or not real feminists could enjoy the show. Interestingly the models themselves love the show because unlike other fashion shows where their individuality, personhood, affect and facial expressions are subsumed to the mood, in this show the models are encouraged to be themselves and to have fun. So why shouldn’t we follow their lead (instead of comparing ourselves to them) and relish being ourselves, accept ourselves and have some fun?

Until becoming active on social media and becoming a blogger I never really paid much attention to the VS Fashion Show (primarily because the products never excited me). This year however being as “wired” as I am, some fellow bloggers inspired me to participate. Memorable blog posts for me were those that used the show as a creative springboard. Blond Salad decided to respond to all the sexiness of the models by curating an outfit where she could “become a man”. Man Repeller decided to award “lovely, sparkly, festive wings” to other deserving recipients in a funny piece that identified all the important issues using humor to put it out there but also put it in perspective. So this is how Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show inspired me this week.  I would put this look in the trend category “Fairy Tale” and is my version of an “Angel”.

Pants and Blouse Issey Miyake, Wrap Timothy John

How do you relish being yourself?



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