Accidental Icon: Angels We Have Heard on High Part 2

So although my post about the Victoria’s Secret “Angels” admonished my audience to not compare and have fun being who you are, I am breaking my own rule and am going to compare myself in this post to the  “Angels” in the VS holiday video . The “Angels” are dressed in very comfortable, not sexy at all pajamas, taking turns reading a Christmas story.  One of my family’s Christmas traditions has always been that we all get new Christmas “jammies”.  One must be dressed in their new Christmas PJ’s in order to even peek inside their stocking, much less open a gift.  So for this Christmas now that I am Accidentally an Icon, I had to find pajamas that could live up to my new status.

I was lucky enough last week end to stop into the Chikimiki pop-up store at the invitation of Elise Dealmeida the creator of the clothing line. The clothing is unique, whimsical, exquisitely made and inspired by Japanese design. Best of all these are pieces that you will have for many years and wear in many ways. Although the pop-up is closed now you can still indulge yourself by visiting the site.

A great example of the whimsy and versatility of the clothes is the silk lounging pajamas that I tried on during my visit to the store.  Not only do I look more elegant than any of the “Angels” in the video, you can accessorize (as I did with my CDG Play Converse sneakers and vintage earrings) and not only wear them to open gifts, but to the family dinner as well! 

So…aren't I the coolest Christmas "Angel" in pajamas ever? 

What are your "fashionable" holiday traditions?