Urban Sentiments: Coda Three Iconic Girls Part 3

Perhaps the thing I love most about PJ Harvey besides her ability to enable one to express the darkest, fiercest, woman anger in the most cathartic way, is that she is constantly re-inventing herself. She has done this throughout her 20+-year  career with both her music and her personal style. In every album there is a different voice, different instruments, different moods, different characters and different costumes, always striving for newness. PJ Harvey “performs” her life and by that I do not mean as a performer in the usual sense of the world.  She imagines herself in each of her characters even if she has never experienced the story she is telling about them. This imagining can make ordinary lives become extraordinary. 

As she experimented with music choices, she experimented with her clothing. Stemming from the time she attended art school before her move to music, visuals are very important to this artist and fashion is clearly part of how she uses herself and her clothing to represent her music. From the melodramatic to the cosmopolitan and back again to Victorian, her style choices are an essential part of the characters she inhabits in each of her albums and relates to the main persona that drive her narratives. Climbing these stairs in my long black skirt and elbow length black leather gloves can lead to an adventure for any girl I might wish to imagine. I can imagine that girl in darkness and in light.

Is that not the best part of fashion?  Fashion allows us to indulge our fantasies, express our moods, encourages us to keep ”becoming” and gives us the freedom to be whoever we wish to be whenever we desire. Bound by fashion, desire and creativity these are three iconic women, three artists, three friends who inspire each other. I hope they have inspired you as much as they have inspired me.

How do you imagine the extraordinary?


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