Accidental Icon

Accidental icon

Somehow, accidentally, while living my ordinary life, people seem to think I am a fashion icon.

Everyday a person approaches and asks, “Do you work in fashion?" (no). Young Japanese tourists ask to take my photo and seem astonished I am “on trend”.  Sales people in boutiques and vintage stores ask for details about the different pieces I put together for the day. A hip young woman in a Soho store told me I look like a young Iris Apfel. Unlike other professors whose students ask them to post lecture notes, my students ask me to post the names of the stores where I shop. While moving through different and sometimes unexpected parts of my city I am also asked what fashion magazine I work for (none). Told more than once I should start a blog, the deciding moment came when a well-known fashion stylist told me I have something important to say and I should say it! 

So I am thinking if I got this far “accidentally”, how far could I really go if I start learning and thinking about fashion with people who really do it and know it?  Since I always do my best thinking and learning in the company of others, to those of you “in the know”, or who are “becoming” too, I invite you to come think, talk and learn with me about fashion and take on the project of making my icon status (and yours) less accidental!  

Love from me,