Perhaps it is the bitter cold of New York today, or the coats that caught my eye as I was trying not to look at social media during NYFW, but today I find myself obsessed with coats. So I have to confess that even though I said I was going to ban myself from from looking at social media during NYFW, I had to keep peeking.

During the Fall I had dreams of acquiring a cocoon coat, preferably the ones that Yohji Yamamoto showed last year and that Anna Dello Russo was wearing all over her Instagram a few weeks ago. Believe or not this coat is very colorful…I would wear it because I trust Yohji’s judgement when it comes to “acceptable” color to add to black. However the cocoon coat that was ultimately accessible to me (no slouch either) is a black wool CDG that completely enfolds me and has become my winter habitat.

I like my coat because I feel that I can almost disappear in it. I have been wondering if my attempt to “go off the grid” earlier in the week was an aspect of this larger urge, actually rather primitive in nature, to withdraw. I want to fold into myself and turn inward. Perhaps that is why I am ruminating today about coats and “cocoons”. I long for a change and am daydreaming about a new emerging; something characterized by more color, more drama. Of all the shows at NYFW the one that most caught my current mood was Marc Jacobs’ collection. Everything from the clothes to the make-up suggested a new direction to me. It’s still dark but differently dark. He showed me something “I never knew I wanted” to paraphrase Diana Vreeland, his muse for this collection. I will keep spinning it and see what it might mean for me.

Although I almost disappear in my cocoon coat and feel comforted by doing so, I still like to keep one eye open. So while peeking and breaking my vow of “going off the grid” as the week went on I kept seeing really fabulous coats at NYFW. They seemed to catch my eye more than the dresses or other pieces. The most stunning coats for me were those shown by Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Thom Browne. They made me feel excited about what might and could be happening for me next Fall and Winter.

To view the coats see my Pinterest board, Accidental Icon Loves NYFW A/W 2015 Coats

Did you ever see clothing and have that “I never knew I wanted that” feeling?