Details: Accidental Icon Wears

Black cotton coat: Yohji Yamamoto

Whenever I want to feel long and lean I pull this coat from the rack in my closet. It has beautiful lines and a zipper from head to toe. The zipper works in both directions so the bottom zip can be pulled up if you want to walk wide and stomp around town. Leave it down if you want to be take tinier steps for a more feminine look. This is also a perfect piece for layering and when open I love the way it flies behind me. Yamamoto is a designer who I consider a craftsman and who can claim the title of stylistic innovator better than he?

Details: Accidental Icon Would Wear The Last Conspiracy

I think these The Last Conspiracy Boots would be the perfect foundation for this outfit. The lace-ups with the round toe are for the times I am stomping around town and the ones with the pointed toe for the daintier days.

Do you wear different boots for different moods?