A concept that is related to, but different from, my recurring theme of reinvention is transition. Transition is “the process of changing from one state or condition to another.” It is of course one of my favorite locations because it belongs to that class of things that is both/and and in-between. When it comes to choosing clothing for transition times like now as we move into Spring there are two words that come to mind; layering and knitwear. I am so pleased this week to introduce you to a new favorite knitwear brand: Milo’.

Above, I am wearing a black (of course) knit coat from the collection that can be worn as illustrated or turned upside down to make a beautifully draped shawl collar as in the photo below.

Even though the designs shown below speak for themselves, I asked Mireia Lopez. the founder and creative director of Milo’, to share some of her thinking with us. I am so taken with the architecture, craftsmanship and thoughtful ethics of her process. Below is a preview from the designer’s full interview which will be published on Wednesday. Her take on style is pure poetry and I have to confess when I tried on the pieces from her collection the clothing moved in a way that made me feel they had a life of their own.

Preview: Interview with Mireia Lopez, Founder and Creative Director Milo’

You have been quoted as saying, “In the end, it is the woman’s own style that brings Milo’ alive”, can you share more about your thoughts on this interaction?

I imagine beautiful pieces hanging on the store racks as they are sleeping beauties.

Although everyone can see how they have been displayed beautifully, they have no function, no movement, no life until someone makes them their own.  Moreover I believe each person’s style contributes to the magic of bringing that piece alive, just like the sleeping beauty needs Prince Charming’s kiss to awaken her from eternal sleep.

Our own each individual style and identity is what that kiss means to fashion; it is the last “ingredient” without which the clothes would only be clothes that hang in the store.

This is the magic of STYLE ….it is a powerful communicator.

As a celebration of our collaboration, your individual style and the opening of Milo’s on-line store, Milo’ would like to offer you a special promotion. Click on this link and send them a message with the promotional code: LYNROCKS and you will receive a 20% discount towards the price of your first purchase with no time limitation.

What garment do you own that seems to “awaken” when you put it on?