What is convergence? The simplest meaning is,  “the approach of two separate elements towards a common objective.”

When this occurs in life it seems to make things easier and flow naturally. It makes different activities come together as if they were a whole. Somehow a container emerges with convergence that allows all the disparate parts that feel so stressful when thought of separately to come together in a way that is pleasurable and enjoyable. This weekend I had convergence in my personal life. I was able to see my granddaughter, do something nice for my daughter and son-in-law, spend quality time with my daughter, show up for my goddaughter at an important event in her life, have some laughs with my busy sister and do some caregiving for my mother. It was the perfect balance of giving and taking. It made me feel so coherent, accomplished and full.

What I hope to figure out this summer is how to achieve convergence in my professional life. Can the technologies, tools and content from my academic life ever merge with the technology, tools and content of my fashion media content producer life?  Do I have to displace the old to do the new? Or is there something entirely new ‘becoming’ that can occur?

What are your thoughts on the questions I am posing?