This is the second of my posts highlighting the Australian brand, dogstar.  The creative director and designer of dogstar, Masayo Yasuki, inspired me with her words about her work and how it appears in the world,  I never fail to be surprised at the ways in which women create completely different looks from a single one of our designs depending on how they wear it.” As you can see the images in this post represent two different looks…two different moods…two different women. 

In this post, I continue to  play with the themes of darkness and light. To make things even more complex, I add the dimensions of fragility and strength, transparency and mystery. The dogstar piece I am styling here is the Clone Pants. They are the foundation of both images and to me represent strength. The surprise of a front zip adds an architecture to the pants that support a feeling of having ones feet planted “firmly on the ground”, yet allows the freedom of movement I convey in the photo of me. A dark cloak adds mystery and my dreamy, transparent silk top shows a more fragile, feminine side.  

It is always exciting to find a collection that can be so versatile and I think that is what I most appreciate about this brand. The designer never wants to control you in how you may decide to wear the clothes. The individual pieces can convey many moods and be quite changeable. Since I am a Gemini, these characteristics are particularly suited to a person like me. Any design that facilitates the exploration and expression of my dual nature and changeable moods is something I always want to have in my wardrobe.

Do you have a singular piece that you use to convey many moods?