Accidental Icon: Fashion Revealing and/or Concealing?

This week my theme emerges from the controversy surrounding Rick Owens AW 2015 menswear collection. This designer has been challenging us for years to re-think our ideas about gender, age and sexuality. Although we should not be surprised to expect such signs from this designer, his menswear show featured several looks where there were glimpses of a male penis. For those who were actually at the show the moment passed so quickly many did not see it and the clothes themselves commanded the attention of the audience. All in all it was rather a small, albeit powerful gesture.

This brings to mind an essential question of how we use our clothes to relate to our bodies as well as how nudity or exposure of bodies is so political. We use our clothing to reveal and/or conceal ourselves. What is it that we are revealing and/or concealing? This is essentially the tension that most fashion designers revisit collection after collection. For me it is the designers who give us the power to choose to reveal secrets, make hardly noticeable gestures and tell cryptic stories that make me feel most empowered and when I need to be…protected.

In these photos I imagine myself in a secret garden, made even more mysterious because it is covered in snow obscuring details and leaving questions about what is underneath. The sweater I am wearing, designed by the elusive and enigmatic Junya Watanabe, offers many options of revealing and/or concealing; showing my skin or not. I like the turning inside out of the white being covered with the sweater as a counterpart to the snow covering the ground. I like how the cut of the sleeves allow me to hide my hands. I like Junya Watanabe.

Do you think about revealing and/or concealing when choosing your clothes?


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