Accidental Icon: Fashion Reveal and/or Conceal? Sleight of Hand

The question of whether and how to reveal and/or conceal has been addressed by designers in countless ways from the use of different textures and transparencies of fabric, to draping and deconstruction. Junya Watanbe weaves web like holes into this sweater and I chose to wear a long, white cotton t underneath to allow the spider web patterns to come into relief. Also because I like to have a touch of white with my black. The Comme des Garçons wool skirt has multiple lengths and layers and drapes in such a way that depending on how you move, what you wear underneath and how your hand swipes the skirt, your legs can be revealed and/or concealed. The skirt appears to change length depending on the angle from which you view it. Since I would be shooting in the snow, I choose to cover my legs with an over the knee Calvin Klein suede boot. The earrings are from the Danish jewelry company Monies. And of course…my ever present Ray Bans.

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