So for those of you who have followed me for awhile you know about my level of discomfort  with having my photo taken and my tendency for being frozen in the same pose and facial expression. Since I have never taken modeling lessons this is definitely a learn as you go project. Recently I have learned that putting a little action in the photo spices it up, just like life I suppose. So here I am letting go and trying some new and exciting action shots with my hair doing most of the action. I have actually decided to let my hair grow a little because it has been becoming my most interesting prop.

The kudos really goes to Calvin for these shots because he is not shooting with an autofocus lens so you can only imagine the difficulty of getting these shots to be as sharp as they are given that constraint. Just for the record my photos are never retouched before posting. The only problem was that after this shoot I felt like I had whiplash. Oh how we suffer for our art!

Accidental Icon Wears

Black wool wide leg pants: Junya Watanabe, Black leather jacket: Catherine Maladrino, T-Shirt: Play by CDG, Boots: Marsell, Black Leather Bullet Bag: Yohji Yamamoto.

For more inspiration see my Pinterest Board, Accidental Icon Loves Wide Leg Pants

What’s your take on growing the hair?