Accidental Icon: Making a Mark


Whatever and whoever we touch we leave a part of us. What we leave can be the microscopic traces of oils and epithelial cells that contain our DNA or something greater. We also take something away, perhaps a strand of hair or something more. We experience thousands of such transactions that make up the daily fabric of our lives.

Transactions are at the base of what pragmatic philosophers call “situated creativity” where the creativity that underlies production and innovation, usually the individual act of an artist or designer, is extended to the consumer. Thus the ultimate moment of creativity is found in the relationship between the product and the consumer. These relationships are also situated in our particular cultural and economic context and through the platform of social media allows us to then create and disseminate the products of our unique transactions. Style blogging is an example of situated creativity.

The designers I love and most admire are the ones that have intuitively known about “situated creativity” and have incorporated this thinking into how and what they design for women. It is evident in the cut and drape, the choice of fabrics and the timeless and ageless look of their designs. Today I am wearing a top by a new designer, Floriana Serani, Creative Director of BlackBlessed, who I will be introducing you to next week. I also delightedly return again wearing this beautifully textural dress and sweater to “situatedly create” with a designer who brilliantly embodies this notion, Mireia Lopez, Creative Director of Milo' Tricot. I leave you with Mireia's words on this subject, more eloquent than mine.

I imagine beautiful pieces hanging on the store racks as they are sleeping beauties.

Although everyone can see how they have been displayed beautifully, they have no function, no movement, no life until someone makes them their own. Moreover I believe each person’s style contributes to the magic of bringing that piece alive, just like the sleeping beauty needs Prince Charming’s kiss to awaken her from eternal sleep.

Our own each individual style and identity is what that kiss means to fashion; it is the last “ingredient” without which the clothes would only be clothes that hang in the store.
— Mireia Lopez

What happens when your favorite pieces of clothing give you a kiss?