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One of the biggest reasons I appreciate Flor Serani, the Creative Director of BlackBlessed, is how smart she is and her very interesting sense of humor. The name of the shirt I am wearing in this photo is the Asylum shirt. I love everything about the shirt, what it's name implies and how it references. I love how the designer liberates it from something oppressive and turns it into something beautiful and gently binding. It is the kind of garment I might want to wear to express my feelings in situations where there are very tight boundaries on what ideas can be shared. The shirt makes me feel held but free at the same time. Intrigued? Read on to find out more about this innovative designer.

1. I want to start the interview by asking you about a quote I found attributed to you about the color black:

 ''Black is more than a color to me, it's a vision. People that wear this color feel blessed by a certain aesthetic. ''

 Tell me how you came to feel this way and how it expresses the essence of your brand?

 Yes these are my words, and I think they express the essence of my brand as I believe that who embraces the total-black aesthetic wants to communicate a state of mind, and soul. Wearing Black is always a statement in my opinion, it's a way to express who you are, what you like and what you don't, your own vision of life through an attitude, an aesthetic ensemble that makes you feel like you are wearing what you believe in.

 2. Is there a BlackBlessed woman? If so, who is she?

The woman I see wearing my clothes is strong and decided, never afraid of any challenge life has reserved and, more then everything, a woman that wants to stand out of the crowd. I like to believe that it's the kind of woman that has definitely a penchant for dark culture but that is contemporary and independent too. Yes, she's my girl! 

 3. One of the things I really admire about you is how you evidence an alternative and edgy attitude yet remain very sophisticated at the same time. How do you achieve this balance?

 I think that being born and raised in Italy has influenced this side of my aesthetic. Italian mums can teach you many tricks beside how to cook a good pasta! Since I was a child I've learned from my mum all about a well-tailored blazer, pants that must have a " good cut ", how to match clothes and accessories, and it was all about balance in order to achieve the perfect outfit. It's Italy, it's in our blood! The edgy side came later, as growing up I started to follow a certain kind of music, reading books, became interested in esotericism, gothic culture, religions and moved to Asia for some years. The mix between the 2 gave birth to my personal style and then to the Blackblessed one .

 4. I have often spoken of my penchant for black and white as related to my upbringing in the Catholic Church and my fascination with nuns and their habits. Does religion and being based in Rome influence your design process? How so?

 Religion has definitely influenced me, my style, my brand, everything. If you are born in Rome you will approach the feeling of something "sacred" very soon. I have always being interested in catholic religion but also in other kind of cults and the symbolism behind them has always fascinated me. As based in Rome I'm very lucky as I have so many chances to discover hidden corners, churches, and other places of cult where I can find everyday new inspirations, in a decoration, in a painting, in the match of colors on a wall, in an engraving, etc. 

 5. Another thing I admire about you is the way that you have used your experience in production, as a buyer and communicator to develop a concept brand that includes blogging, a fashion label, events and of course an incredible instagram account. Can you tell us about that evolution?

 I've always loved fashion, I was drawing mannequins wearing fancy dresses on the walls of my parents' living room when I was a child! Growing up, I've followed different studies, as my parents wanted me to have a " classic " education, so I did not attend any art or fashion school, but I was still drawing and my passion was still there. The chance for me arrived when during my college studies in oriental languages I moved to China for a couple of years to attend part of my classes there. Back in Italy I got to know many people working in the fashion field already and they started asking me to help them find suppliers there for their productions, then boutiques in China started asking me to be their buyer.... so this is how I started my freelance career. Plus I was one of the first in Italy back in 2008, to open my own blog and started using social networks to spread my posts and pictures... Soon I became popular, I had improved my professional skills and also had people following me that liked my style, so I thought that was the right time to try to make my dream come true. I tried, I risked all, and it has been worth it. This is when I also learned that nothing is impossible, it's all up to you and want you really want to be.  

 6. What’s next?

World Takeover? 

Just joking! 

We are very happy with the result we have had until now but we are still growing, so we are working on the development of our distribution worldwide, trying to cover more and more areas, and also working on a menswear and accessories lines that will be out soon first with some flash collections then hopefully will become a permanent plus in our offer or products. Talking personally, I would love to go on a holiday! California or Iceland, once again I like strong contrasts ;) 

 Photo: Roberta Krasnig

Photo: Roberta Krasnig

 Accidental Icon Wears:

Black Lapel Vest: BlackBlessed, Asylum Shirt: BlackBlessed, Black Wool Skirt: T. Kunitomo, Black Suede Tie Shoes, Vagabond, Earrings: Vintage Bone


Do you have a garment that "holds" you but still allows full freedom of movement?

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