Accidental Icon: Rescue Me




1. save (someone) from a dangerous or distressing situation.


1. an act of saving or being saved from danger or distress.

In this post I am well protected and hidden within the supple and luminous drape of a Yamamoto silk coat. Hidden inside my coat like a secret whisper is a brown lining that in combination with the black outside reminds me of my dog: a dog that needed to be saved while at the same time others need to be saved from him and his ferocity. Perhaps that is why despite the many challenges and expense he has presented us with, I feel a sort of affinity with him. We rescued him this summer truthfully underestimating the enormity of the task. Although he can break your heart with how adorable and loving he is, he can bite you in a heartbeat. He requires a calm environment, well-planned transitions and in having to provide that structure for him he gives me structure and intervenes in my tendency to move too fast, to fly off the handle, to raise my voice or become over excited. In the act of protecting him, others are being protected.

Yohji Yamamoto has revealed in interviews and in his writing that his initial motivation to design garments came from a desire to protect a human’s body. He was drawn to designing woman’s coats, so he could both hide and guard. He wished to protect a woman from “something”…men’s eyes, a cold wind. Later as he came to know the fashion industry his work extended to protect the clothes themselves from fashion. Caught up in this desire he left himself vulnerable, needing to be rescued himself from bankruptcy in 2011.

When I wear this coat, I do feel rescued. Rescued from peering and judgmental eyes and from an anger that under conditions of stress gets away from me exploding in small shards that sometimes hurts those who happen to be in my path. The rustle of the beautiful silk soothes the savage. So I feel then this coat also protects others from me, kind of like my dog’s muzzle. 

Sometimes even rescuers need to be rescued.

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Did you ever have a time when a piece of clothing (or a dog) "rescued" you?

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