One of the key elements for me when I “situatedly create” with a designer is how the clothes move and what they feel like to the touch. It is important for me how my clothes express themselves when I wear them, I like to hear their whisper, I like to know they are present. Whether it is the rustle of silk or the texture of a knit my clothes convey their message and I respond.

The polka dots on my shirt add texture to the otherwise sheer fabric, giving it both substance and delicacy at the same time. They invite me to play. The artful woven pattern of the knits allow me freedom of movement and expression, provide depth but not bulk as they shape themselves around my body.

This dress gestures to me and indicates I should feel free to stretch myself. It is a dress that when you look at it on the hanger you think you need to be very tall and very thin to wear it well but when you put it on you see how much it loves every kind of women, including a short woman like me. I think this is one of the special gifts of designers who “situatedly create”, their clothes can kiss every kind of woman.

Accidental Icon Wears:

Black Wool Sweater: Milo’, Black Wool V-Neck Dress: Milo’, White and Black Polka Dot Shirt: BlackBlessed, Black Leather Boots: Acne, Vintage Earrings: Paris Flea Market.

Find these pieces and more at Milo‘ and BlackBlessed.