This Thanksgiving weekend I have much gratitude for the wonderful people who are in my life. These include family, friends, students,¬†colleagues and the many wonderful persons who read my blog and comment regularly. Though some weeks there is literally not a second to respond, I read each and every comment and so appreciate the wisdom, grace, honesty, loyalty and creativity of all of you who have joined me in “thinking” about what we wear. It is a wonderfully inspiring conversation and it is exciting to see where it may lead. Know that even if I am silent, it is because my other life is demanding my attention, and that I am always grateful for and appreciative of your support. A toast to you all!

Accidental Icon Wears:

Black Rayon Button Down Shirt: Uniqlo, Black Wool Pants: Elm Design, Navy Apron Dress: Yohji Yamamoto, Blue and Black Earrings: Monies.

A treat for Thanksgiving, more beautiful clothes from Aganovitch on my Pinterest Board Accidental Icon Loves Aganovitch

What are you thankful for?