Accidental Icon: Taking Flight

Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly
— @cecideslia


There are just some days when you feel like taking flight. This impetus can come from an external or internal occurrence. It can be urgent or a gentle whisper. These are the times when you want to feel the lightness of being and the air under your wing. When you want relief from the heaviness of worry that sits on your chest, and you feel like you are drowning. When you have to hear bad news and don't want to. When you want a break from having to face up to impending loss.

Despite it now being December I feel just as I do in warmer weather, I have been wanting clothes that allow the air to circulate, that do not constrain but still are cool and edgy. I want clothes that feel like wings. 

Necklace: Aumorfia, Shirt: Balossa, Details on Wednesday

When you want to take flight what clothes do you wear?

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