Accidental Icon: Feeling Blessed by Black

Black is more than a color to me, it’s a vision. People that wear this color feel blessed by a certain aesthetic.
— Flor Serani

Perhaps it is the fall, perhaps it has something to do with mood and attitude but I have re-committed more than ever to wearing black. Although most times I like to add white to make a contrast, whether that means my white hair only or a white shirt, the main attraction is the restrained arrogance and formality the color always evokes for me. Black helps me to perform the "good bad girl" who is the true core of my personality. 

During fashion week I like to attend some of the shows set up for buyers like Capsule and Tranoi. There I will always find rare birds who I might not have discovered if I only looked at the endless streams coming from those attending the mainstream shows. In these spaces I have found talented and exceptional creators including the star of this weeks post: Flor Serani, Creative Director of BlackBlessed.

 Photo:  Roberta Krasnig

Photo: Roberta Krasnig

For personal reasons I was quite interested in Flor's journey from blogger to creative director of a concept brand that is more than just fashion design. She graciously agreed to answer some of my questions and allowed me to style some of her pieces. She herself is a muse for all of us who worship at the shrine of black. Her Instagram account is full of inspiration. As always, details of what I am wearing can be found in Wednesday's post as well as the rest of Flor's interview.

Has there ever been a time you felt "blessed" by a piece of black clothing?

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