Horse around (def.)

To play around roughly with something or someone, possibly abusing someone or something.

To join someone in boisterous play; to participate in rough play with someone.

To engage in frivolous activity to goof off

The term “horsing around” conjures up images of my brothers and describes a current mood. When it comes to brothers, it reminds me of an old Three Stooges short called “Horsing Around”. The film tells the story of three brothers who although at times are rather inept, it is clear they would do anything to make their sister happy.  I would have to say the same for mine. No matter what it is clear they love me despite all the baggage that having an older, bossy sister brings. In the case of the Three Stooges, the sister has been reincarnated as a horse and the brothers save her true love from the glue factory.

I am fighting this current mood at a time (the last two weeks of the semester) when I have tons of work to do. This desire is pulling me to find some companions who want to goof off, do something frivolous and just a little bit evil. Care to join?

Accidental Icon Wears:

Black Wool Moto Jacket: Comme des Garçons, White Blouse: Uniqlo, Overalls: Cos, Sneakers: CDG Play, Earrings: From Paris at Dawn’s Vintage.