I have just completed two very busy days and this morning I am gathering up my resources to get through the next three. I am moving through the tunnel and am almost through. In some places the tunnel has been dark. I have interviews to complete, papers to grade, field visits to make, meetings to attend, bibliographies to write, studios to visit and a party to attend that caps it all on Friday.

The tunnel additionally functions as a bridge. Something that has been occupying much of my time lately is an event that is also a bridge, one that connects my identity as an academic and as Accidental Icon. In conjunction with the Symposium held each year by the UN Commission on the Status of Women, I am putting together, with the help of students and other faculty, a Sustainable Fashion Design Show and Panel. The Symposium this year explores sustainability and women’s empowerment and I could not think of a more engaging and for me, fun way to explore that theme than to learn and talk about what is happening in the world of sustainable fashion. For those of you who are local the event will be held February 7 at 6:00PM at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. Along the way I will share with you my discoveries and for those who cannot attend see how you can still be a part of it. However…a real lot of work to add to an already full plate. But the light keeps pulling me forward and these times calls for lazy, easy dressing.

Today it is grey and  there is a threat of rain so in this photo I wear my greatcoat raincoat, paired it with a gauzy ruffled blouse (both by Ivan Grundahl) and stole a pair of Calvin’s Paul Smith jeans. I like how the light of the clothes leads me like a torch through the dark parts of the tunnel.

Do you have an outfit that provides light in a dark time?