Accidental Icon: Window "Dressing"

One of the biggest holiday treats for fashion lovers in New York City are the window displays at all of the big department stores but especially those at the famed NYC clothing store Barneys. This year's theme is "Chillin Out" and includes real ice castles as well as an installation by Dale Chihuly. While I strongly advise you to take an outside look, this video will  take you inside and give you the details behind these amazing creations.

Simon Doonan, the wry and hysterically funny writer, fashion commentator, window dresser king and the current Creative Ambassador of Barneys, calls the annual window displays "the ultimate freebie" and says they are "an insanely democratic form of entertainment". He likens the holiday windows to street theater. Doonan, during his tenure as window dresser at Barney's, produced iconic and famous diorama-like Christmas windows called Warholiday, Have a Foodie Holiday, Saturday Night Live and one that featured Tammy Faye Baker standing next to a giant mascara brush in lieu of a tree. To read more about Doonan and his holiday exploits and adventures as a window dresser, read this article in WWD (Women's Wear Daily). I promise you this is the only reading I am assigning this week as Friday is Christmas and we are all taking the day off!

So although not anywhere near as creative as that done by Doonan, his successor and counterparts, for this post I did a little window "dressing" of my own.

What would you be wearing if you were inside a holiday window?


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