Accidental Icon: Something Red


Red is the color of extremes. It can evoke passion, seduction, violence, anger, love, danger and adventure. I love it's potential for being over the top. Red is all over town right now because when combined with green it conveys that it is a holiday and time for festivity. It is erotic as in red lips, red nail polish and "red light" districts all over the world. In Chinese culture it is the color for good luck, prosperity and happiness. In the East Asian stock markets the color red signifies a rise in stock prices contrary to the West where it signifies a drop in prices. In color psychology, red is exciting, stimulates our emotions and causes us to take action. It increases our respiration and makes our blood pressure higher. It is a strong-willed color and I am drawn to its boldness. I use red in my styling primarily as a metaphor that adds a swear word to my usual stark ensemble or as a yell, a laugh or a yelp of indignation. 

This last week of the year I have finally found the perfect shade of red lipstick. I just did a really fun photo shoot for United Arrows, a Japanese company. I am Ms. April on Refinery29's holiday calendar. As I end this year and reflect on starting a new one, red seems to convey the spirit I want to bring to Accidental Icon. I am feeling an appetite for adventure, energy, action-taking, a little swearing and a hint of danger. I want to wake up on New Years Day, eat a good breakfast and cause a little trouble with my girl gang. 

Want to help me stir the pot? What do you suggest?  

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