“The white shirt never fails to amaze me. It is the most practical, easy, sexy and relaxed garment that exists, to whom I want to give a new life and a contemporary expression.”

That is the starting point for Indra Kaffemanaite, a Lithuanian designer and the creative strength behind the brand Balossa. Focusing only on the design and creation of white shirts, the designer declares there are “no rules, no habits”.

In not following the rules, the designer reinterprets the traditional features of a white shirt with cutting-edge techniques and constructions, creating endless variations on the theme. So in the shirt I am wearing, cuffs appear attached to the front of the shirt and drift lazily from a sleeve. One side of the shirt becomes a cape that feels like a wing while the other is tailored beautifully with three flowing panels. Click on the photos below for a closer look.

To add some edge I chose black leather accessories: my Y’s bullet bag, leather gloves and a geometrically pleasing and surprisingly fluid neckpiece from Aumorfia. I am also wearing Paige black boyfriend jeans and Clarks tie booties that remind of the shoes that the nuns who taught me used to wear.

Despite the sharp lines of its architecture this piece by Aumorfia is surprising fluid, molding and moving with my body almost as an extension of me and the clothes. I could not imagine wearing this white shirt without it. It is the perfect piece for someone who embraces dichotomies and can play with the either/orness of objects and life. Theano Ravazoula-Potamianou, an interior designer and graphic artistic, designs this jewelry line. She brings her art deco stylist background to jewelry design, a new endeavor. We bonded over the theme of reinvention. There are several collections, comprised of of neckpieces and surprising and varied cuffs. I love her work because although made of leather, studs, hard lines and angles, the final product it is utterly feminine and soft. Just like a strong and vulnerable woman. The kind of woman who sometimes wishes to take flight.

What do you wear when you want to feel vulnerable yet strong?