Acidental Icon: With a Little Help From My Friends

Today marks the first 6 months in the life of "Accidental Icon". I have learned so much, had some interesting experiences and met so many wonderful people. It is hard to believe it is just a very short time because it feels like so much has happened. So to mark the moment I want to take the time to acknowledge and thank the many wonderful bloggers, friends and followers who have given advice, promoted me, liked me, followed me, taught me and photographed me.

The week before my blog launched Calvin and I were in Montreal. I had been procrastinating all summer on launching the blog and it was getting down to the wire because school was starting imminently. During the course of one day I met three people who made me feel like it was meant to be and so I sat down with Squarespace and got up and running the day I returned home. So many thanks to Garance Dore, Alessandro Berga and Lolitta Dandoy for giving me advice and the confidence I needed to take that final step. This photo was taken the day after I met the three of them.

My very first review was on Style Honey. Grey Chic and 40+Style featured an interview and photos introducing Accidental Icon and letting people know more about her. Passions for Fashion wrote a lovely review (and put my picture next to Joan Didion) and all of the following gave me a mention or a photo: Tamera Beardsley, The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, Style Crone, Forest City Fashionista, Sheela Goh, Fifty not Frumpy, Wardrobe Oxygen, This is authentic, Make-Your-Style Live Journal, Une femme d’un certain age ,The Simply Luxurious Life, Cristina Martins and The Road to My Avenyou, 

Thanks to Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style ,Valentina Ilardi Martin of Grey MagazineChikimiki and most especially my talented photographer, Calvin August Lom.

Forgive me if I have left someone out and please let me know, because these are the mentions I am aware of.

Can't wait to see what the next 6 months brings!

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