Accidental Icon: Details Pertaining to the Playful Opulence of Victoria Irving

Details: Accidental Icon Wears

Taupe Linen Coat: Elm Design, Grey Leggings: Elm Design, Grey Bag: Louis Vuitton, Grey Suede Shoes: Sylvia Fiorentina, Earrings: Vintage 1970's Lucite 

With a piece that is monochrome, long and voluminous like the linen coat I am wearing above, there needs to be some kind of contrast. That means it comes down to the details. The sleeves of this coat that come to a point at my hand are an example of a lovely detail. In this case accessories deserve my attention more than usual and I chose a darker tone for the shoes and the bag. Taupe is not a usual color choice for me but I fell in love with the garment and wanted to find a way to make it work for my tone and coloring. The cut of the coat gives me the opulence and the fabric choice, linen gets me to playful.

Details: Accidental Icon Would Wear Victoria Irving's Beautiful Details

Do you ever have a color you are on the fence about? How do you make it work?

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