Accidental Icon: An Ordinary Life Becomes A Little Less So

Grey Magazine Spring Issue I.III

Photography: Ari Seth Cohen, Styled by Valentina Ilardi Martin, Hair by Melisande Page, Make-up by Allie Smith

"Somehow accidentally, while living my ordinary life, people seem to think I am a fashion icon".

That was the very first sentence of my first blog post. For the most part I still live an ordinary life. Last week I taught classes, went to faculty meetings, cooked dinner, did laundry, went shopping and babysat my grand daughter. Except also last week…I was on the cover of the new issue of Grey Magazine! 

For the feature the incomparable Ari Seth Cohen photographed me in seven looks styled by the breathtakingly beautiful and talented Valentina Ilardi Martin. Every page of Grey Magazine is worth looking at and provokes daydreams, musing and flights of fancy. I bought the magazine never imagining there would be a day I might be in it. The editorials and photography are hauntingly beautiful, the features intelligent and thought provoking. Now I also have the pleasure of reading the glorious prose of Beatrix Ost posted each week on the magazine's site, a woman I have long admired and whose picture was the one on my mood board as I thought about and researched the kind of blog I wanted to do. 

To order the new issue, go here and to read the on-line features and see what Beatrix Ost has to say about coffee houses go to Grey Magazine