Accidental Icon: Details Inside/Outside

Spring has finally come and brings with it the sun and gusts of wind. The white stitched seams in this dress are puckered making it look like the seams of a parachute. The cut of the dress allows it to float around my body and the lightness of the nylon makes me feel like I have nothing on. This leaves my body feeling both inside/outside the article of clothing it wears. The weightlessness of this garment is so delicious after a very cold winter where I have felt the burden of so many layers and heavy coats. The dress becomes sarouel pants when you button two buttons in the middle of the bottom hem so there are no intended viewings of legs or undergarments on a windy day! The "tuxedo" earrings add to the fun of the outfit making it perfect for a weekend day that portends the freedom of summer.

Accidental Icon Wears

Vintage Black Nylon Dress/Sarouel with White Stitching: Issey Miyake, Vintage Black Suede Ballerina Flats: Barneys, Vintage Black and White Tuxedo Earrings: Paris

For more vintage Miyake, see my Pinterest board, Accidental Icon Loves Vintage Miyake.



Do you have an outfit that makes you feel free?