The star of today’s details post is my Issey Miyake Pleats Please fringe wrap.  I have quite a few Pleats Please items in my closet for both artistic and pragmatic reasons. First, they are the lightest clothes you can imagine and literally feel like they are floating around your body, not laying on top of it. I also like that the garments seem to have a mind of their own and often move in completely unexpected ways. The clothes literally dance around you. The pieces are suitable for any occasion, can be dressed up or down and literally require no maintenance. Perfect for traveling the clothes can be rolled up, packed in a small travel bag and will emerge wrinkle free.

Miyake considers Pleats Please his most valuable contribution to design. His vision was to make clothes that were both/and, clothing that can be a uniform or that allows you to stand out. Wanting the pieces to be as universal as a T-shirt and jeans, Miyake gave us something that allows you to be an individual within the context of being identified with a group. The timeless design and universal fit allows these clothes to meet the needs and style of every woman, no matter her age.

To find out much more about how Pleats Please came to be, how it is manufactured and made, collections that are collaborations with artists and examples of many of the pieces, read Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. Published in 2012, to mark the 20th Anniversary of Pleats Please, the book conveys the joyful self-expression of those who wear these remarkable clothes.


For more looks with Fringe as rendered by my favorite Japanese Designers see my Pinterest board: Accidental Icon On the Fringe With Japanese Designers