I just commented on my last paper and completed my last set of grades. I’ve been waiting for the train to pull out and take me into the summer. I have been immersed in last classes, finals, grading, end of the year faculty meetings and saying emotional congratulations and goodbyes to my students who are graduating. For the last few weeks I felt disconnected from my blog and out of touch with Accidental Icon and her world. I miss her.

I have not had time to read other blogs, comment, do interviews I said I would and even look at and love photos on instagram. I miss this. It has been a wonderful yet exhausting semester but challenging to wear two hats. Lately, I barely managed to just get out my three weekly posts. When things get this tight I stop having pleasure. I have longing. And sometimes I lose myself.

I waited until later today to post, rather than my usual early morning time because I wanted to know that my other work was done so the pleasure of writing could begin to return. Having the time to be thoughtful, to connect with other bloggers, to respond to emails carefully, to have coffee with friends and pay attention to my blog are treats I can now happily anticipate. Reading, looking, playing, imagining, reinventing and becoming are activities that will reappear in my daily life.

I’ve begun to have memories of who I am and so I wear my black and white. Perhaps on Wednesday I will post only black and white photos. On Friday I will assign summer reading about fashion ideas and stories that excite me. Now, I look down the track and it stretches long and far. Accidental Icon is ready to get on the train that is now in the station and see where it takes us this summer.

Do you have a summer adventure ahead?