Accidental Icon: "Accidental" Handbag Designer Caroline De Marchi and the Iconic Cubo Bag

As all of my readers know, I love stories about "accidental" occurrences and of reinvention. I recently had the great pleasure of meeting the handbag designer Caroline De Marchi in the lovely intimate space of the Yuta Powell Boutique. I am pleased to share with you Caroline's reinvention story as a luxury handbag designer as well as some of her stunning bags, perfectly sized and shaped to meet the demands of modern life. 

An international traveler who now lives in Paris, Milan and Sao Paulo the colors, sights and sounds she experienced while traveling inspired her to design a handbag for herself. Caroline envisioned something that was her own, matched her international lifestyle and would not be seen on the arm of every woman. While vacationing in Bali, she worked with local craftspeople and came up with the Cubo a practical, yet iconic bag. Soon noticed by friends she made a few to share. After several years she went to Italy to make more and before Caroline knew it she had a showroom and a handbag business. Caroline is the founder and designer of the brand and her beautiful and elegant daughter Capucine Lebrun is the dynamic entrepreneur behind it. 

The chic, gracious and lovely Caroline herself models some of her pieces in the photos below. The bags are beautifully tactile with different textures, materials and subtle embellishments.

Check back on Wednesday for more Details about Caroline's story, photos of her collections, her store in Paris and a look at Accidental Icon's favorite bag from the line.

Do the bags you choose ever reflect your life story?

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