“A fashion stylist is responsible for choosing the look and the clothing, and often much more, to communicate a fashion idea, trend or theme””

— Jacqueline McAssey and Clare Buckley

As I told you on Monday, I spent my weekend at FIT taking a styling class. I have to say I did not want it to end. The people in the class were lovely and talented, the teacher terrific and I experienced the pure joy of play. Our assignment, which had to be done in one night after a class that ended at 4:30, was to create a fashion “story” from magazine cut-outs and then style our own clothes ,without a model, to make the theme become real. I rushed home because I wanted to shoot a look outside before it became too dark.

Given that my wardrobe is composed almost entirely of black and white, I decided to add a pop of red to the theme. After I got the idea, during the break, I ran uptown several blocks and bought a yard of red chiffon. The pictures in my storyboard had sheers so I used the chiffon to unify the two looks and connect it to the storyboard. I also learned that styling is not just glamorous and fun but also involves hard physical work, working under stressful circumstances and an ability to be an expert problem solver.

Another key skill is that you can work as part of a team and be a good collaborator and in many cases the photographer is your boss. I guess if I want to be a stylist I will have to stop telling my photographer Calvin what to do!

Another good thing…a lovely interview on Inside Out Style 

Did you ever have an experience that you never wanted to end?