Accidental Icon: Yamamoto x 2

It's no secret to any of my readers that I love clothing designed by Yohji Yamamoto. However, I recently became acquainted with his daughter Limi Yamamoto over Instagram. We follow and like each other on a pretty regular basis. I was intrigued by the photos of her clothing and of course that always makes me want to learn more. I found a piece of hers in one of my favorite stores About Glamour and thought it would compliment something I already owned by her father. Now I am beginning to collect some of her pieces just because I love what I discovered and her clothes adds a subtle yet unique vibe to my collection of Japanese designers. Her collection is called Limi Feu.

Limi once said in an interview she creates clothing for women with an intensity that comes from within. The french word "feu" means fire, light, glow and she chose it as a name for herself and her collection to commemorate the fire within herself and the women she designs for. Because she is a woman she sees her designs as being realistic for women. Not an either/or kind of designer (my favorite kind) she often combines romance with street. Last week for me was an intense one filled with many strong emotions. When I put on her piece of clothing I could  feel myself become activated by the weight and shape of the garment yet also felt protected at the same time. It was almost like a cloak that contained my feelings but still gave them enough room to be present.

Check back Wednesday for details of the clothes I am wearing (can you guess which are Yohji's and which are Limi's?) and find out more about the designs of Limi Feu.