Accidental Icon: Details Yamamoto x 2

Part of the joy of getting dressed for me is reflecting on what I am wearing. I am curious about who designed the clothing I choose to wear and what was on their mind when they envisioned it. Because of that I always like to read interviews and articles about the designers and this helps me to feel a relationship with them as well as their clothes. Just like I tell a story about me when I wear my clothes, the clothes also tell a story about the person who designed them.

Limi Yamamoto studied at Bunka Fashion College and worked as a pattern maker for her father's Y's line before developing her own line and presenting it at Tokyo Fashion Week in 2000. In 2002 she renamed her line LIMI Feu and her collections were met with great success. She showed her SS 2008 collection at Paris Fashion Week and received critical acclaim. It can be said there is some common DNA in her and her father's work such as; dark colors, asymmetrical shapes and layering. However, Limi's clear, strong voice comes out in her oversized pieces, a street kind of edge and though there are masculine references when the garment is put on it feels feminine and ever so sensual. The lovely jacket that many of you have been commenting on is hers. The sleeves and buttons are my favorite details and the buttons can be fastened in a single or double breasted look.

Accidental Icon Wears

Grey Metallic Jacket: LIMI Feu, White Turtleneck: Yohji Yamamoto, Grey cinch waist skirt: Yohji Yamamoto, Grey textured earrings: Vintage, Grey suede shoes: Arche.

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