Accidental Icon: She's Hit the Wall

I haven't been able to think straight, I am tripping over words, am easily annoyed and feel dry as a bone when it comes to inspiration or creativity. I am staying up late to read when I should be sleeping because I do not have time to read during the day. I could not even get really excited when I got compared to the Olsen twins on the Huffington Post. Part of it is that I am still not sure if they were making fun of the Olsen twins or praising stylish older women.

I dread thinking about coming up with a blog post when it used to fill me with excitement.Yet, still I make lists and give myself even more things to do. I have on-going work from job number one that extends over the summer months, am taking another course at FIT starting tonight, have a mile long list of things to do, apps to explore, Photoshop to learn for my blog and other social media platforms. Why do I do this to myself?

The worst symptom of all though is that I just don't even feel like dressing up. This is the kiss of death for a fashion blogger. After not wearing jeans for the last two years, I bought a pair this week. Well, the week before last I acquired a pair of "boyfriend" jeans, meaning I actually stole a pair of Paul Smith jeans from my boyfriend. I also stole his John Galliano belt and wore the jeans and belt with a ruffled white Valentino shirt when I flew to Chicago for a meeting related to a federal grant I am working on. Upon return, I decided to buy a pair of my own boyfriend jeans that fit a little better. I have worn them pretty much constantly ever since. I bought yet another pair of flat sandals when I really need a pair that can add a little height. What is all this trying to tell me?

I have hit a wall and rather than just stop and look at it for awhile, see if there are interesting patterns or textures, I have been trying to climb over it, knock it down and now have fully exhausted myself. A self by the way, that was pretty exhausted after last semester and kind of working two full time jobs. So I guess I need to rest. My brain needs some downtime and my mind needs to wander in completely undisciplined ways. When the mind gets tired the body follows.

It's time to schedule in a nap, plan an outing to the Met to see the new Costume Institute exhibit (just to look and experience not to write a post about it), take a vacation, go somewhere new, get a facial and a massage instead of a new outfit, stop writing lists, maybe (horror of horrors) take a week off from posting on social media. Perhaps my only summer challenge should be to see how many different ways I can style jeans, white shirts (maybe T-shirts too) and flat sandals while I am going about the business of letting my mind meander and get some rest.

What do you do when you need to replenish your creativity and "take a rest" from your life?

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