Accidental Icon: Communing



"To be in a state of intimate, heightened sensitivity and receptivity, as with one's surroundings"

Somehow, without realizing it, I have started to experience the world most profoundly through visual images. In this photo I felt strangely and intimately connected to the figure in this mural. I almost felt like I became a part of the scene. I have moved away from standing in front of art, as in my earlier posts, to interacting with…or even better, communing with my surroundings. I experienced the neighborhood I was in more fully through engaging with this mural, painted on a staircase and greeting me as I entered the geography.

This is a change for someone who lived life most comfortably in the world of text and abstract concepts and ideas. When I move through space now I see color, line, shape and texture first and think about what I am seeing second. This may explain why I have started to experiment more with color in my photos. Black and white is the color of print and text, and color, well that is everywhere.

So far I remain true in my clothing and styling to my black and white because I still do love the bold, graphic nature of that combination. But I must confess I have been attracted to the deep, dark, romantic and rich jewel tones that appeared in some of the Fall 2015 collections. I also find myself completely taken with the Gucci Resort collection perhaps because of the whispers and hints of vintage and nostalgia. Girls with glasses wearing long dresses is to me the perfect image of an intellectual romantic.

Have you ever had a major change in your perspective?

Gucci Resort 2016