Accidental Icon: Taking Them Off

For the last several weeks I have been giving myself the challenge of styling white shirts and jeans/denim. I have re-discovered the comfort of jeans, buying three pairs as I had not one in my closet. I have one pair of each style I have seen repeatedly marching across various blogs: boyfriend, skinny and high waisted boot cut. I wanted most of all a pair of flares but apparently they are not made for short women. By the time I altered them they would no longer be flares. I drew the line at ripped kneecaps. I have actually become addicted to my Paige boyfriend jeans, the most comfortable I have ever had on my body and wear them everywhere paired with a T-shirt and flat sandals. Herein lies the problem: I became very unexciting.

Just as there was some comfort, consistency and predictability in wearing school uniforms as a child, jeans and white shirts are exactly that; a uniform and kind of predictable. Jeans make me lazy like uniforms did, you do not have to think about getting dressed in the morning. After awhile you stop caring about how you look. Let me say that I do believe there is a place for jeans in your wardrobe, especially when styled dramatically. This post is not to trash talk jeans.  But…interestingly, during all these weeks of wearing jeans, no one stopped me on the street or in a store as usual and said, "I love your style!". This week I dressed up to check out the Fivestory Sale and the comments resurfaced before I even got out of my building with another resident telling me how much they loved my CDG jumpsuit.

So dear readers I am taking them off. Going back to black. Just wearing this black vest, albeit with jeans, I felt the old edge return. Of course being in the East Village, visiting the place I got my first tattoo and checking out dive bars probably added to the mood. But, hey now I am back to getting excited in the morning about what I will wear, who I will be, where I will go. 

Do you ever get in a rut or predictable in what you wear? What do you do to get out of it?