This week marks the first year in the life of Accidental Icon. I had plans for a really over the top outfit, a cake designed to look like my sunglasses and was going to try my hand at making an animated birthday GIF. But in the same manner that all the wonderful unanticipated happenings occurred during this first year for the Accidental Icon so did one that laid me flat for the last three weeks…my mom having emergency surgery and finding out she is actually quite ill. You would never know to see her; her desire to keep living and moving forward is so strong. Even at the height of the crisis she was flirting with the surgeon, making everyone laugh and wanting her hair done. So although I am very tired, school begins again next week, September and October are bringing projects to fruition that mean a ton of work and big surprises, the beauty of living for awhile and having a mother like mine means you know and accept that…life happens. And that it happens in both wonderful and terrible ways.

What has given me the motivation and willpower to keep getting out posts and to keep tending to Accidental Icon come what may, has been the support and generosity I have received all year long from my readers through their wonderful comments and emails. Meeting and exchanging ideas with my fellow bloggers, the fun interactions I have with all my social media friends and the talented fashion professionals I have met this year always provide both encouragement and inspiration. The list is too long to even try to name and I thank everyone who has touched Accidental Icon in some way and moved this project forward.

So although it is a little less over the top birthday celebration than I had envisioned, I am ready to move on to a new year, hop on the train without being certain about the destination and to see where life takes me and the Accidental Icon. 

What would you like to see happen to the Accidental Icon this next year?