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I have always loved a jumpsuit ever since they first appeared in the fashion scene in the 1970's. I have owned one in various renditions and for different purposes ever since. Of course I would love them because they are decidedly an in-between, both/and wardrobe item, neither dress nor pants. In the 1980's I had an olive green, power suit kind of vibe jumpsuit when I was a boss and trying to make my mark in a career. In the 1990's I had black ones cinched with wide belts for going out on weekends and salsa dancing. A favorite of mechanics, rockers, space travelers, cellmates and high fashionista's, the jumpsuit is best known for it's ease and convenience except in one important aspect; going to the bathroom. It adds a bit of complexity when it comes to preforming that function. Despite this one drawback, it has now become what is known as a "wardrobe staple" and even has its own category in the drop-down menu of sites like Net-a-Porter.

There is something about a jumpsuit that gives me a feeling of confidence and allure I never seem to find when wearing a dress. As always my default position on any clothing choice is comfort. I prefer to wear jumpsuits even for formal events and they are especially easy to style up or down. They can be paired with sneakers or heels. Finding the right cut for your body type is key and this has sometimes been challenging for me as a shorter person. However, when you get it right it elongates the body and actually gives me a more sexy feel than when I am wearing a dress. The jumpsuit always references "future" for me and so is an the appropriate choice for the one year anniversary of Accidental Icon. It screams attitude. For some fun commentary and ideas, the Beauty Editor of W Magazine, Jane Larkworthy, did a delicious series on instagram called #30DaysofJumpsuits.

For jumpsuits from some of my favorite designers and for Fall 2015 see my Pinterest board

Accidental Icon Wears

Black polished cotton jumpsuit: Comme des Garçons, Sheer white silk cardigan: Yohji Yamamoto, Black leather Bullet Bag: Yohji Yamamoto, Vintage Earrings: Dawn's Vintage

What's your take on jumpsuits? Do you seeing them become a wardrobe staple for you?

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