Accidental Icon: Staycation


"A vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer."

For various reasons having to do with caregiving responsibilities, Calvin and I were not able to get away this year for our usual summer vacation. Traveling out of the city is deferred until later this Fall or during the semester break. However, being the creatives that we are, we planned a week of "staycation" where we stayed in the city but tried to do things that were not part of our normal routine. My all time favorite is going out for breakfast during the week, when it's not brunch, it's breakfast. 

We went to places we haven't had time to go to like new restaurants, new museums (the Whitney), exhibits (China:Through the Looking Glass) and it goes without saying, shopped. We wandered neighborhoods we had not visited recently, stopped for coffee in unfamiliar and new cafes and ate artisan ice cream while exploring. We walked miles until we felt tired and thus relaxed. We wandered esplanades in the early evening, watched the sun go down by the river and sat in the cool green of parks other than the one (Central Park) closer to home. We did not do laundry or errands and slept late. We watched marathon episodes of TV shows we had missed, like Orange is the New Black, ate popcorn and went to bed late.  As you can see I dipped my toes in fountains, stopped to smell the flowers and chose clothes that were both stylish and comfortable. So here are some photos from a typical day of our staycation. Now it's back to work for Calvin and time for me to buckle down and get ready for a new semester and Year 2 of Accidental Icon.

Have you ever tried a "staycation"? How did you change how you dressed and what you did? 

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