Accidental Icon: Fashion Looking Forward and Turning Back

Fashion Week is here and New York is buzzing with shows and events. Extending across the globe to London, Paris, Milan and other cities, Fashion Month will provide us with millions of images and videos. There seems to be more coverage of the celebrities that are attending the shows, than the shows themselves making for a dizzying carnival atmosphere. It is however, a good moment for bloggers and "everyday" people because the number of street style photos being generated is equal to or at this point, almost surpassing, photos of the beautiful designs being shown adding to the pool of inspiration.

 Somehow as I have mentioned before, this never ending stream makes it hard to concentrate on the actual clothes being shown.There are a couple, but not so many,high profile interviews of the designers themselves or interesting questions asked about their work. Aren't the designers clothes supposed to be the main attraction of the month? How does one thoughtfully and carefully pay the designers work the attention and respect it deserves with this and more going on?

It is also challenging to view collections featuring clothing I will be wearing almost a year from now. It is hard to anticipate my mood or even the context of my life as it seems to be moving quickly in ways that are both joyous and sad. That being said, I have decided that I will experiment with generating a theme for the year, Cognitively I need a container or structure to process all the images coming my way. As a way too focus and structure I have decided to have a theme when it comes to looking back at AW 2015 and looking froward to SS2016…romance. A darker side for the AW, a lighter touch for SS.

Romance is defined as, " an emotional attraction or aura belonging to an especially heroic era, adventure, or activity". So whether I see myself as a costume designer, or as a stylist, this definition gives me enough space to stay in the moment and take advantage of serendipity as well as provides a set or direction. I can pull looks and create a "mood board for life". I can look back while looking forward; something you will find in the best pieces of a fashion show.

 What would be your "mood board for life" and what pieces would be in it?