Accidental Icon: Details When You Just Don't Want to Get Dressed

Freud said that the purpose of life is to work and to love, "that's all there is."  While appreciating Freud for intuiting what I now know to be structures of the brain, for many reasons he is not my favorite analyst. What he left out, and what my favorite analyst, Donald W. Winnicott did a brilliant job of articulating, was the importance of play. For Winnicott, it is in the act of play that we find and pursue our passions and culture is created. It is how we keep the feeling of being alive inside and stay authentic and real as adults.

I most love Winnicott because he said you do not have to be a "perfect " mother, just a "good enough" mother. When striving for perfection, or feeling guilty to the point where I am so busy and stressed I cannot breathe, I remind myself that I just need to be "good enough". Other advice to parents in regard to creating the conditions necessary for play include: let your child be, let your child be angry and don't make your child too compliant. Those who read me regularly might understand why he is my favorite psychoanalyst. 

For "good enough" fashionistas, pajama dressing is the perfect way to work, love and do a little playing at the same time you are acknowledging your desire to be just a "good enough" fashionista today. Pajama inspired styles are easy and multifunctional. Tops can be worn alone or layered and pants can be paired with a blazer or slouchy sweater. It’s a really chic way to look dressed up and feel casual and relaxed at the same time. The pajama top is a timely update to feminine and slouchy silk blouses. Pairing it with something very structured like wide leg sailor pants make you look like you didn’t just roll out of bed. Adding a slouchy, peek-a-boo top and heels gets you nonchalantly seductive for a romantic night out.  Click on the photos below to get a closer look at how I wear pajamas to work, love and play.

Accidental Icon Wears

Look 1: Work

Silk Pajama Top: Chikimiki, Black silk wide leg pants, Harvey Faircloth, Black leather tie sandals: Rick Owens

Look 3: Love

Silk Pajamas: Chikimiki, Black Silk Dress: Ann Demeulemeester, Black open toe pumps, Stuart Weitzman

Look 3: Play

Silk Pajamas: Chikimiki, Black top with lace inserts: and other stories, Sneakers CDG/Converse Play

What do you wear when you just want to be "good enough"?