Accidental Icon: Beauty is Within the Person and the Design...Combined.

After a challenging summer, last week came way too fast. The semester began, projects that seemed like months away came due and events that I had long been looking forward to happened. I was feeling so overwhelmed I didn't even feel like dressing up. For the first time, choosing an outfit to wear felt like a chore. Yet…could I re-find my muse?

I have to say finding my way felt like rock climbing; a little scary, a little fraught. Slowly though, the familiar routines kicked in and I heard the rhythms of my everyday life return. Actions I have taken hundreds of times like swiping my ID, saying hi to the security guard and my favorite cafeteria cashier Andrea, became oddly comforting and grounding. Having dinner and brunch with new and old friends made life fun again. Glad to have made the effort to wear Miyake for the first day of classes, I felt light and free in the classroom. It reminds me once again of how performative clothing is, how the clothes and you together create something beautiful.

The title of this post is actually a quote by the designer Masayo Yasuki, the creator of dogstar clothing. Clearly, she and I are of the same mindset. She has become for this post, my co-collaborator…my muse. The brand, characterized by asymmetrical lines and strong silhouettes, is appealing to any age. With a combination of a japanese sensibility, natural fibers and innovative textile design, these are clothes that fit seamlessly with my aesthetic. In these photos I am wearing some dogstar pieces which I have styled with some of my own clothes and accessories. For details about the dogstar pants and tunic and more about the collection see my Details post on Wednesday. Watch for dogstar inspired looks in other September posts.



How do you collaborate with your clothing to make something beautiful?

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