Layering is a pragmatic way to meet the clothing needs of many different situations. Knowledgeable layering protects us when the temperature is cold and also protects us when it is hot. Layering also allows us to meet our desire to be creative in how we wear our clothes. Layering suggests to us we can become sculptors of garments. These two approaches inform the choices you may make when it comes to the kind of textile, the weight and texture of the fabric. Layering, even when sculpting, is also cost effective because it allows you to use the same garments in different ways and in different combinations that create entirely new looks. Layering also allows you to incorporate color in interesting ways.

Layering has been a necessity this winter in New York when the temperatures have fluctuated between freezing and high 50’s within the space of a day. In the look above I have three sweaters, each a different knit and material. As you can see in this photo I have removed a layer as the day became warmer. I have included pieces with different lengths, weights and each having interesting shapes, textures and draping. Every layer can be removed if necessary and so the piece closest to my skin must be able to stand on its own.

On other days I have styled each of these sweaters with other garments when wearing this same color blocked wool skirt. The length of the skirt and the fold adds extra warmth. My friend has chosen a scarf with three medium weight layers (additively becoming quite warm) and has added a layer of purple to her usual black. She can choose to reveal the color or hide the color, changing the look of the outfit. This versatile scarf allows her to wear a just a jacket and a beautiful luminescent dress on a very cold day.

Accidental Icon Wears

Outermost Sweater: Yohji Yamamoto, Middle Textured Sweater: Junya Watanbe, High Necked Draped Sweater, Junya Watanbe, Grey/Black Color Blocked Wool Skirt: Comme des Garçons, Draped Bag: Comme des Garçons, Black Lace-up Boots: Marsell

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