In these photos in the midst of color, hype and noise, every detail of what I chose to wear seems to come into relief. The red on my shirt, the buttons on the jumpsuit, the drape of the wide leg, the  zipper details on my jacket and the unadorned circle of my earring can be observed in the midst of the sensory explosion that is often the city I live in. No one loses in this proposition. You can still read the signs, hear the noise and see the color but you can also see the outline of me and who I am in my simple black and white.

Accidental Icon Wears

Black wool jumpsuit:Yohji Yamamoto, Print shirt with bow: Comme Des Garçons, Black wool bomber jacket: Comme Des Garçons, Tie Chunky Heel Bootie: Vagabond Shoes, Earrings: Paris Vintage, Sunglasses: The Optical Boutique.

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What catches your eye in the midst of it all?