There is something so compelling about a gash of red lipstick against the palest of white. Somehow the red lips against the white of the coat and snow reminds me of the face of a geisha. When the background is white everything else stands in sharp detail and becomes more clear. In fact, when doing some research about why geishas painted their face white, and there are several theories, one is that the practice began during a time when there was not enough light at night when geishas would perform. The white paint on their face made their facial expressions stand out and thus could be seen in the dimness of candlelight. In the tradition of Kabuki theater this same white make-up is painted on by the actor and color and line are added in such a manner that a mask emerges that creates the character being performed. These two identities seem to convey the sentiment I am writing about this week. I want my expressions to be “seen” but I also wish the safety of a mask as I perform my daily life in the public view. My readers’ thoughtful comments in response to the previous post have helped me gain clarity about what my concern really was. 

I studied this coat for quite awhile before purchasing it. It was intensely compelling and I found myself returning to view it over and over. I tried it on more than once. Each and every time I had an involuntary sharp intake of breath when I looked in the mirror.  Despite the coat’s stark difference from most of my usual selections, sometimes when your physiology tells you something you have to listen. 

Accidental Icon Wears:

Red Lips Coat: MSGM, Black wool Pants with Red Trim: A. Friend, Boots: La Canadienne, Sunglasses: Prada

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